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DrJBHL's Articles for March, 2020
March 26, 2020 by DrJBHL
Seems as if all we do is about viruses, anymore, eh? Well, there's a new zero day vulnerability in Windows and you really should fix it as you could end up infected with ransom ware as a result of its exploitation. MS has found two cases of that, and now that they have described the exploit, chances are much higher of getting hit by it. To get a good description of the problem, check the linked article. If you wish to read the original MS notification, it's here. "On 23rd March, Micro...
March 14, 2020 by DrJBHL
This spring, Windows10 v. 2004 or 2020 first half year update (code named 20H1) will be coming and it's feature heavy, with some meaningful changes such as those in Cortana  and notepad, Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL 2), Windows explorer with much better local search and tied to OneDrive, sandbox and virtual desktops, and a beefed up Task manager. There are more, and I suggest reading up on them in the link above. And have a good weekend! 😉