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Actually is feature rich.
Published on March 14, 2020 By DrJBHL In Personal Computing

This spring, Windows10 v. 2004 or 2020 first half year update (code named 20H1) will be coming and it's feature heavy, with some meaningful changes such as those in Cortana  and notepad, Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL 2), Windows explorer with much better local search and tied to OneDrive, sandbox and virtual desktops, and a beefed up Task manager.

There are more, and I suggest reading up on them in the link above.

And have a good weekend! 😉

on Mar 14, 2020

Thanks Seth.   

on Mar 14, 2020

I read their updating some of the icons too.

on Mar 14, 2020

I will be looking for this update.  

on Mar 15, 2020

There's a few interesting tidbits but not a lot to interest me.  I won't have Cortana on my machines because I don't need it, and most other bits n' pieces don't interest me, either.  I just need a standard OS that does what I want and need, without all the bloatware MS keeps adding to 'so say' appease consumers.

Improving search capabilities is a good thing, but other than that I'm not too sure as yet.