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And a link to M5's New Features
Published on March 4, 2024 By DrJBHL In Personal Computing

Moment 5's now available for download. Neowin published a great guide at the external link above for W11 systems fulfilling MS's official requirements as well as those which don't.

They also provided a link to explain M5's new features.

When it comes to updates, I've learned to be shall we say...cautious. I'm not advocating "force updating" simply because I figure there will be many changes and "hiccups" before the mandatory update appears...and even then I tend to put things off a bit to allow the dust to settle a bit.

So, here it is to your perusal.

Enjoy, people!   

on Mar 05, 2024

I am running Windows 11 Pro - 22635.3276 (actually on an unsupported CPU - i7-7700K)

The Beta channel has included M5 for some time now and I have not experienced any issues with any of my software or Windows itself. I am using Stardock's Start11v2, Groupy, and DeskScapes 11. I'll add that I only use one single 4K monitor, so I have no Idea if multi monitor setups have issues.

I would say that M5 is safe to install, and there are some pretty nice features. Here's an article on Bleeping Computer which has a comprehensive list of the new features.