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Nothing like having a good tool when you need one...
Published on August 28, 2023 By DrJBHL In Personal Computing

Hi, folks. Meant to post this over the weekend, but other stuff came up and I forgot (hey, Giz made me a Charter Member of Club Al). So, here the tools are for your perusal: 


Undoubtedly there are additional tools, and possibly better ones, but these are free and come recommended by MakeUseOf.com, a site that is pretty reliable, all in all. Feel free to add yours. There's also a link to antiviral/malware security software at the beginning of the article, and if you continue to scroll down, you'll find an article on the five best tools to repair corrupted/damaged files.

Before using the tools in the above article, do four big favors for yourself:

1. Update your drivers.

2. Create a restore point.

3. Do a backup to an external drive (redundancy encouraged) and

4. Try using the appropriate Microsoft troubleshooting tool.


For Windows 11 repair tools, here's a link...with the same provisos listed above.



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