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Want to go completely dark? It's easy on the eyes, let me tell you.\

At How to Geek, you can get easy peasy instructions on how to engage the dark Edge Theme, as well as Edge's latest and greatest feature, forcing dark mode on every website you visit (Edge's dark theme and forced dark website mode in the screenie below).

You can find a great "How To" engage both Dark Mode and Force Dark Website and more at the link above or here: 


While you're there, note what's trending! Stardock's "Curtains" (the red arrow in the screenie).


on Jul 18, 2020

Thanks Doc! I'm messing with it now. So Far so good. Will chime in with any further observations!   

on Jul 18, 2020

For me, some buttons, especially on WC, are unreadable with this set.   BUT, I am using a Dark Mode extension that does not make the buttons unreadable.  Just saying.