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Comparison of eight programs
Published on April 14, 2020 By DrJBHL In Everything Else

I received a nice article in my email from Review Geek, going through photo editors and image manipulation and creation software for Windows systems, paid and free, so figured that in these days of being almost exclusively at home, folks might be interested in the software that's out there, and what each program does, as well as whom they're most compatible with.

I'm not going to recommend one or another, as there's no "one size fits all"...there wouldn't be an article to refer you to if that were so. If you have additional programs to add, please do so.

I'm adding OnOne Photo Raw 2020 (https://www.on1.com/), a program I use and enjoy a great deal as a stand alone, and as a Photoshop and Lightroom plugin, as well as Topaz Labs AI software which you can view here: https://topazlabs.com/shop/ . I use their Sharpen AI and Denoise AI as well as their Adjust AI programs which are both standalone and Photoshop plugins, like OnOne Photo Raw. They are truly excellent programs which save time in post production editing and help me with creative ideas, as well as just straight editing.

Anyway, the article I received is linked above, as well as here: https://www.reviewgeek.com/39536/7-great-photo-editors-on-windows-for-hobbyists-and-professionals-alike/

Have a good rest of the week, and stay safe and healthy!


on Apr 16, 2020

Thanks for sharing, but I can't find Photos app on my Win10. Does it need to be installed from Microsoft? 

on Apr 16, 2020


Thanks for sharing, but I can't find Photos app on my Win10. Does it need to be installed from Microsoft? 

W10 has a native photo editor with which you can do basic editing. In the search box on the taskbar, enter "photos" (without the quotation marks). From the list, select Photos. Then select the photo you’d like to change.   

on Apr 16, 2020

Right click on the photo you want to open. See Screenshot

on Apr 19, 2020

There is no photos to be found. 

And on the search bar, those are all the programs start with "P"

I thought it might due to the computer. Maybe fake or second hand? I purchased it from Amazon.