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Published on October 3, 2018 By DrJBHL In Personal Computing

I've been reading about this upcoming October update to W10. It won't be especially huge, just the same, 10 or so Gigs might give someone a problem of an incomplete download.

This is a very useful tool for the upcoming W10 October update. You may need this if the above occurs: Windows will not tell you this is happening and Windows might get borked. (https://download.cnet.com/blog/download-blog/microsoft-warns-windows-10-users-to-free-up-storage-space-for-the-big-october-update/?tag=nl.e785&s_cid=e785&ttag=e785&ftag=TRE410dd70).

Make sure you know how to reinstall Windows, and make a disk image BEFORE the update on an external storage device. Use Acronis to clone your disc, and clone your disc before any big update.

Doing this also mitigates any ransomware infection. 


This link also will allow you to download the October update early, although I really wouldn't advise doing so.

MS will start rolling out the update on October 9th.

So what will be in the update How to Geek gives a summary here: https://www.howtogeek.com/353165/whats-new-in-windows-10s-redstone-5-update-available-fall-2018/



W10 Update hit by second file deletion bug:



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on Oct 15, 2018

WAS just about to buy WB's again..... Let me know its going to work


on Oct 24, 2018

Update: 2nd file deletion bug found in the update.


on Oct 24, 2018

Is anyone surprised?

on Oct 24, 2018


on Oct 24, 2018

For mine, MS is neglecting its duty of care to its users/clients, surely there is some legal come-back to force MS to behave more responsibly when creating and issuing these bi-annual updates.  I have disabled Automatic Updates and will only install them manually when it's declared safe to do so.  However, given MS' attitude and record of late, its failure on so many levels to do right by users, I won't be holding my breath.

Put bluntly, Microsoft doesn't give a stuff about its users, just power and control, its quest for world domination, and Satya Nadella is a parasite who Bill Gates should get rid of before he destroys from within the company he built from the ground up.

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