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If you are using AirDroid, you should disable or uninstall it immediately.
Published on December 2, 2016 By DrJBHL In Mobile Tech


Folks, may use the Android OS...especially for messaging. The app AirDroid has had 10-50 million installs not couting those done via the AirDroid website...and it's a very vulnerable app.

AirDroid was approached quietly and said they would fix it, but in its latest update, no fixes were present. 

"The security issues are mainly due to AirDroid using the same HTTP request to authorize the device and send usage statistics. The request is encrypted, but uses a hardcoded key in the AirDroid application (so essentially, everyone using AirDroid has the same key). Attackers on the same network an intercept the authentication request (commonly known as a Man-in-the-middle attack) using the key extracted from any AirDroid APK to retrieve private account information. This includes the email address and password associated with the AirDroid account.

But this gets even worse. Attackers using a transparent proxy can intercept the network request AirDroid sends to check for add-on updates, and inject any APK they want. AirDroid would then notify the user of an add-on update, then download the malicious APK and ask the user to accept the installation." - AndroidPolice

So, if you have an Android device, you'd be smart to disable or uninstall AirDroid immediately.

Also, while you're at it, to check if your Google account has been hacked by Gooligan (a different exploit vs. Android), check this out: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-find-out-if-your-google-account-has-been-hacked/?ftag=CAD3c77551&bhid=22934121128163694730898056497463





on Dec 02, 2016

Thanks, Seth.

Good advice. 

on Dec 02, 2016

Never heard of it, but now I know! Thanks Seth. 

on Dec 02, 2016

I have it. Don't use it anymore. Bye bye it goes.

on Dec 02, 2016

Checked mine and according to checkpoint it has not been breached. Nor do I have that AirDroid thingy. Only apps installed are the calendar, clock and Google Chrome. That's it.

BTW: After checking an advert for ZoneAlarm pops up. Just sayin"

on Dec 02, 2016
on Dec 02, 2016


"Although we experienced a major restruction earlier this year, we have worked tirelessly and stretch our capability to the max. to make sure that we bring the best solution to you ASAP. We now catch up the timeline and expect to start to roll out an update within two weeks as planned."

Let's ask ZubaZ what a "major restruction" is, and just how one experiences one. 

Seems to me, first comes your customers' security, then all the rest. Where are these people from?

on Dec 02, 2016

Don't sound like they's from here.

on Jan 05, 2017

I used Airdroid to communicate between my tablet and Bluestacks on my main PC via home wi-fi... Bluestacks being a program that allows one to use Android apps within Windows without having to reboot.  I found Bluestacks useful because Windows does not have an apps for my particular bank and other institutions I do business with, whereas Android does

Thing is, I never used it externally to communicate between 'say' my phone while I'm out and my tablet/PC at home.  I don't know if that makes a difference or not, but I don't need it anyway, haven't used it in ages, so now it is gone.


Let's ask ZubaZ what a "major restruction" is, and just how one experiences one.

I don't know that Zu would know that one... too many letters.

However, if memory serves me correctly, a major restruction requires surgery and several months recuperation.

on Jan 06, 2017

Restruction: Webster's definition says........................


Could it be that they meant restructuring?



Reboot the brain and see what happens?

Equally likely.

on Jan 06, 2017

Major R.E. Struction ....

on Jan 07, 2017

Could it be that they meant restructuring?

Probably!  But then again, who knows?

Perhaps there was a previous destructuring event to require a major restruction?

And did they correctly follow the instructurions?

on Jun 14, 2017

Never even heard of it, which I guess is a good thing in this case.