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Martin Brinkmann, the owner of gHacks is a very skilled and responsible reviewer.

He reviewed Fences 3.0 on 5/20. Therese were his conclusions:

“There are two types of computer users out there when it comes to the desktop of the PC: those who keep it in pristine condition and don't put any files or shortcuts on it, and those who use it as the main location for downloads, shortcuts, files and folders.

You have probably seen desktops in the past that overflow with icons, folders and files placed on them making it very hard to keep an overview of everything on it.

Fences helps the second group of computer users by improving manageability of all those shortcuts, files and folders that are on the desktop.

What's great about it is that it can do so automatically directly after installation, but that it gives users who want full control over the process manual options to do the same…The new version of Fences introduces several new features to the application.

Next to roll up and navigating the folder structure from within a fence, users get support for high DPI monitors and Windows 10, and an option to blur the wallpaper behind fences on the Windows 10 operating system.

Fences is an excellent program that helps users bring order into a cluttered desktop. It is specifically designed for situations where the desktop is overcrowding with icons, files and folders, but may be useful even to users who keep the desktop clean and tidy.

Obviously, it is of lesser use if you use the Windows Taskbar and Start Menu exclusively for launching programs and opening files/folders, and keep your desktop tidy.” – Martin Brinkmann

It’s a fantastic program…I’ve been with it since its birth. Five, heck, twenty five stars from me. For $9.99 (new user) it’s a bargain. For an upgrader (Purchased Fences 2 more than 3 months ago), $5, and if you purchased Fences within the past three months, it’s a free upgrade.

Learn more about and download Fences 3.0 here: https://www.stardock.com/products/fences/index.asp

on Aug 18, 2016