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April 25, 1915…the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps landed at Gallipoli to fight against the Turks, allies of the Germans, in WWI.

They waged an eight month fight, and ultimately lost, but they established a tradition of being part of the fight despite the deaths of 8,700 Australians and 2,700 New Zealanders…theirsacrifices were not for naught.

This tradition and spirit were rallying cries in WWII, when the ANZAC forces fought Rommel in North Africa, and the Japanese in the Pacific under heroic and bleak circumstances…while America geared up for the fight.

So it is only right and fitting that we honor and thank these men and women, and the great countries which produced these brave warriors who shipped out to places far away with names like Gallipoli, Greece, Crete, Vietnam, Pakistan and Afghanistan…

“Bless them all, bless them all. The long and the short and the tall…”



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on Apr 25, 2016

Well said!!!!

on Apr 25, 2016

May their memories be a blessing to us all today.

on Apr 25, 2016

on Apr 25, 2016

@Elana...I second that.