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This device works through a Windows phone. It uses location and a network of info beacons in cities to determine location and routes to use in getting from one place to another.

The device was developed with the charity "Guide Dogs" and it's available in Britain only at this point.

Another interesting feature is that instead of using earbuds, it uses bone conduction through the jaw to relay information, thus not compromising the users ears to hear what's going on around him/her.

One statistic quoted by the charity is saddening, and this invention might change things drastically for these people, I hope:

"Of the two million registered visually impaired people in the UK, 180,000 rarely or never go out, according to the charity...Currently, visiting a new city is often daunting, even for people with enough confidence to tackle the challenge independently. For others, who rarely leave home alone, the thought of an unfamiliar journey leaves them stressed and anxious and visiting a new area is an impossible dream."

The headphone:


Information beacon:

Information beacon on a light pole:

Hopefully it'll be coming to the U.S. and other places.






on Nov 07, 2014

Hope its affordable.

on Nov 11, 2014

Hope its considered 'necessary' so the poor can get them.

on Nov 11, 2014

Hope they keep their sticks.


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