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Verizon your provider? You can’t pay your bill? Not your fault.

Turns out Verizon is having major problems with its billing software. The Northeast, Midwest and Southern regional customers are hitting a wall when trying to pay their bills. Worse? No ETA for a fix.

Apparently this glitch isn’t affecting home phone systems or internet connection, but, if your bill is due right now, you could have problems.

Engadget is tracking the problem, but so far no news of a fix.




Daiwa...just rechecked...indeed fixed. 

on Jun 28, 2014

Apparently got fixed overnight.  Linked article includes an update.

on Jun 28, 2014

Hehe, I wonder how many: "Piss off... I paid that."s they're going to get.

"Yessir, I paid it just as your system went down... not my fault you didn't get it."