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So, I have some pics (family stuff) which I decided to turn into gifts.

You can do this for Mother’s Day…it’s quick, easy and fun!

All you need is a color printer, a photo (or more than one), the paper labels come on, tape, and some wood.

The cool part is that “white” doesn’t print and the underlying wood will show through in those areas (this allows for some cool compositing)…like a clipping mask…only using a second glossy/non absorbent sheet and careful placement. So if you want to do that with dark photos, you’ll have to prep an ‘open space’. Also, since you’ll be printing the opposite image, if you have a picture with print, you’ll have to flip it horizontally and use that reversed image to print. Not to worry, it will be just fine when you see the end product.

The process:

0. Make sure your supervisor cat is not in the room and close the door.

1. Choose the photo, and in an image processor flip it horizontally, and increase the vibrancy and saturation but not to the point where you blow out the photo or get hue clipping. This is because the image will fade on the wood.

2. Remove the sticky labels from the sheet. That’s the side you’ll be printing on, so keep it clean.

3. Prepare the wood: Size it, sand it, remove any paint/lacquer/nails and then make sure all the sawdust is removed. If you have white areas in the photo which you aren’t planning to cover or composite with another image, then choose a pale wood like a blonde pine…or, choose one with a texture you’d think would add to the picture. Then, it’ll look like a displacement map. Also cool!

4. Cut a piece of masking tape (longer than the width of the picture) and lay it sticky side up on a flat, clean surface.

5. Print the picture on the glossy side of the paper (where the labels were). It’ll look very faded/pale but not to worry…it’s just fine!

6. Align the printed picture (PRINTED SIDE UP!) with the tape and put it on the tape leaving 1/2 the width of the tape free.

7. Pick up the tape and picture and turn them so that the tape and printed side face the wood. Align and apply. DO NOT SLIDE THE PICTURE AROUND!

8. Brush your hand from the top to the bottom of the picture evenly (or use a squeegee).

9. Peel it off from bottom to top.

10. Spray the picture with a clear coat, or some lacquer and wait until it dries. The spraying will pop the colors, which will be dulled a bit by soaking into the wood.

Poof. You’ve got an original gift! If you’re making it for Po’Smedley, I’d recommend a French Boxer.




on May 09, 2014

 kool find, Doc!!!   

on May 09, 2014

Yes! Kool find.

on May 09, 2014

And if it doesn't turn out well, you can always do a little photo-chopping.

on May 09, 2014


And if it doesn't turn out well, you can always do a little photo-chopping.