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Now with presets and 'whitelist' options
Published on April 8, 2017 By DrJBHL In Personal Computing


F.Lux 4 is a new, beta version of the blue light filtering application for Windows. It introduces presets, and options to whitelist programs.

You can download it here: https://justgetflux.com/flux-setup4.exe 

Read more about it here: http://www.ghacks.net/2017/04/05/f-lux-4-brings-presets-and-program-whitelist-2/ 

What's new?

  • Bedtime mode: warmer light before bed gets you ready for sleep, and works with all kinds of schedules
  • Disable by app (so you don't forget Photoshop)
  • Backwards alarm clock: reminder not to stay up late
  • Presets to help adjust your settings
  • Color filters for eyestrain and other uses
  • A wider range of color settings
  • New hotkeys to adjust color (alt+shift+PgUp and alt+shift+PgDn)


  • Reduced impact on game framerates
  • Resolution independent interface, for high DPI displays
  • DisplayLink monitors (connected by USB) work in a lot more cases now

Smart Lighting:

  • Hue integration now supports more light types
  • LAN API with support for telling other devices when f.lux changes  


They also have more changes in the pipeline, but in their own words, "There are more things almost ready, but we have to get this right first.", so, you can join the Forum here: https://forum.justgetflux.com/topic/3675/f-lux-beta-for-windows and give them feedback.

After installing, you'll get a window open to put in your zip code. You'll also be directed here: https://justgetflux.com/news/pages/v4/welcome/?v=4.20 for directions on use, etc.


Have a great weekend!




on Apr 08, 2017

Can you install over the previous version?

on Apr 08, 2017


Can you install over the previous version?


Yes. I did and it works fine. I'm still on Win7 Ultimate x64 though.

on Apr 08, 2017

Thanks, I'll try it.