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Don Rickles is no more...

He was pretty much an unknown until one night in 1957, when Frank Sinatra walked into a club during his act.

“Make yourself at home Frank. Hit somebody.” said Rickles. Sinatra roared — with laughter.

In 1985, when Sinatra was asked to perform at Ronald Reagan’s second Inaugural Ball, he insisted that Rickles accompany him for a comedy routine. Rickles, naturally, did not spare the president (“Am I going too fast for you, Ronnie?” he asked).

Well...he's gone, and it's a damned shame.

R.I.P., Don. You done good.

on Apr 06, 2017

A bygone Era. Growing up I used to watch the Dean Martin Roasts and Don Rickles was nearly always there. Really is a damn shame. R.I.P. Don Rickles.

on Apr 06, 2017

Want a few of those laughs. I visit from time to time for laughs.

Just Google this      Dean Martin Roasts                and enjoy the you tubes.      

on Apr 06, 2017

He was great, RIP Don. 

on Apr 06, 2017

He had a style all his own, a very quick-witted funny man. R.I.P. Don Rickles.