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First time I've seen gHacks give a 5 star rating
Published on March 28, 2017 By DrJBHL In Personal Computing


Well here's a first...gHacks (Martin Brinkmann) gave an app a five star rating.

"Bandizip 6.0 is offered as a portable version for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows, and as an installer. The latest version is not compatible with Windows XP. Only option that you have is to keep on using Bandizip 5.x on devices running the operating system. Installation is straightforward. Please note that the option to send usage statistics and crash reports is enabled when you install the program. You can disable it during setup on the same page that you can change the installation path on. The installer changed, and it appears that it requires an Internet connection during installation. You can still download and run the portable version instead which does not have the requirement...Bandizip 6.0 ships with additional features, and better performance when it comes to extracting archives and creating new archives. Some users may not like the new interface, but you can adjust it somewhat using the View menu, for instance by enabling the classic look of the toolbar there." - gHacks

I'd suggest reading the whole review.

You can see it on the linked article or here: https://www.bandisoft.com/bandizip/  where there's a download link, and more on its features, etc.

One thing, it appears to need an internet link during installation, but, you can also download the portable version which requires no such connection.

It is available for OSX, and both as a 32 and 64 bit app, as well as a 5.x version for Windows XP.


on Mar 28, 2017

Posting just in case:

Ransomfree blocked a ransomware attempt today for the first time.  I had done two things immediately prior - viewed the article linked to here about Bandizip 6.0 and installed today's Firefox update (52.0.2) - and had restarted.  On restart, a new desktop profile was created even though I had signed on via my customary login avatar with my normal PW.  I logged off, logged on using my customary login again, this time my normal desktop profile appeared and I was presented with the detection message.  I allowed it to clean the ransomware and all appears back to normal.

No idea if either of those two things are implicated but timing seemed curious.

on Mar 28, 2017


I had done two things immediately prior - viewed the article linked to here about Bandizip 6.0 and installed today's Firefox update (52.0.2) - and had restarted. 

Probably you'll need to look further....the trigger is likely the reboot...not those 2 things you did....and you already had the issue earlier...just didn't see it until the reboot...

on Mar 28, 2017

I also viewed the article Doc linked, and also installed the Firefox update, and when I rebooted Ransomfree didn't peep.  Might be something else you did, as Jafo said.

on Mar 28, 2017

Ran a full MWB scan and ran HerdProtect.  Came up clean.  Can't find a log file for Ransomfree, if it even writes one - has no settings dialog so hard to say.

Have been nowhere outside of my usual internet garden recently, though I admittedly view lots of linked articles from aggregation sites. 

Just glad it caught whatever it was.