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OK…James Comey and Mark Zuckerberg (FBI Director and Face book CEO) have taped their cams.

Why? Well, since Stuxnet and Trojan-viruses, it’s been common knowledge that the microphone and webcam (remote or built in) can be activated and tapped without the user knowing it. Why? To listen in and to peek, of course.

So, there are various ways to do it. Putting tape over the cam is one way…but messy, and leaves residue. Whether it blocks the mike is another question…but, you can check in the device’s setup software. If you see yourself or hear yourself, the answer is obvious.

There are other ways, most notably through your Device Manager (in your control panel). If you do use them during the day, then an option for the camera is a piece of opaque plastic on some tape, or buy a cover. It can be clipped on with a large paper clip type thing, or with tape, so that it can be flipped up when needed.

The real question is do you really need to go through all that. To determine if you’re a worthwhile subject for a tap, consider your job, your organization/company and their function. Clearly, if you’re in security or a company that deals with it or the government, probably worthwhile. Also if you work for the complaints department – lol.

Also, what can you lose, and you might even gain brownie points with your boss (if he/she even looks or cares). Covering the camera has the added advantage that it is not broadcasting the feed automatically if and when you accept calls, especially when the default is to have the camera on when answering calls.

Remember…if there’s a software update, you’d best recheck whether the cam/mike are disabled, as settings can get changed during updates…if you used the control panel method.

Just to feed your paranoia…






on Jun 26, 2016


on Jun 26, 2016

on Jun 26, 2016

I miss starkers... He surely would have something to say about this.

Anyway, don't forget other "smart" devices; smartTVs, smartphones, kinect etc. Depending on how many devices you own, you could use a whole lot of tape. I personally prefer "skin friendly" (medical) tape that doesn't leave residue.

on Jun 26, 2016

you forget to mention.. your gender and whether you have kids.

does the control panel thing work? i mean, would they not be able to re-enable it anyway. (assuming not your run of the mill perverts.)

i think it was mentioned somewhere that taping the mic probably won't do much.


of course.. i don't use laptops/phones.. and don't have camera or mic. maybe they can go through the monitor speaker/headphones instead or even those monitor light sensor things

on Jun 26, 2016

I put dark, really dark blue painter's tape over the camera. If paint can't get through.....lol

Never activated the mic.