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Ben Willmore did LightroomCC: The Complete Guide about a month ago, and next he’ll be teaching PhotoshopCC.

Ben’s a great instructor, and this will be a three week course as well. It will be (if I can use LightroomCC as a guide), an hour to two hour lesson every day, which will repeat during the day and then the week’s lessons will repeat over the weekend. I think.

ANyway, the lessons will be free and if you purchase anytime access, you’ll get files and course materials as well as perpetual “anytime access”. That will be $119 before and during the course, but will increase to $159 after the course ends.

You’ll need a (free) account to watch, and participate with questions.

To register: https://www.creativelive.com/courses/adobe-photoshop-cc-the-complete-guide-ben-willmore?via=photography%2Fphotoshop-lightroom_class-list-collection-cms_3

on May 29, 2016